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DANCING ON FIRE is a rock band from Ottawa/Gatineau in Canada, formed in 2008 by Richard Boivin (Drums) and Wayne JB (Vocals/Guitar) with Rick Davoice (Bass/Vocals) joining in 2009. They released TECHNICAL SUPPORT in 2008, and their self-titled 2nd album in 2010 before going on hiatus.

DOF got back together in 2017 and spent the next 2 years playing shows and writing new material. In 2018 they released 2 new singles, BACK IN TOWN and EQUILIBRIUM, and their first music video, XMAS N STUFF, right before Christmas. Their 3rd album, HOLDING BACK FROM LIVING IS SLOWLY DYING, featuring the singles ALONE, JET PACK JUDY and NARCOTIC, was released in July 2019.

In the spring of 2020, founding member Wayne JB left DOF, which led to Rick switching to guitar. Unable to play shows due to COVID-19, Richard and Rick spent the next months renovating their studio and writing new material. One of these new songs is another holiday original, XMAS STEVE, that will be released December 11th 2020.


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